Super City // 52 Crafts with Your Toddler

This craft accompanies the previous post Super Hero Capes. Part 2 is a Super City. The finale to my daughter’s 3rd birthday was to take pictures of my super heroes; defenders of Metro City. Things you will need:

  1. Cardboard boxes… and lots of them
  2. Printer Paper
  3. Glue (Spray adhesive, Hot glue, Mod Podge)
  4. Paint and Paint Brushes
  5. Foil Tape

Cardboard Box Buildings

I don’t have a lot of process pics for this project because it was very messy but it’s pretty straight forward. Step 1 is to work with your cardboard boxes. I messed around with the stacked boxes to get just the right arrangement of “sky scrappers” and then I hot glued the lot! I even glued all their lids together to give them a little extra strength. (Totally worth it.)

Step 2. Covering our buildings. Hod podge… lots of hod podge. To save time, I actually used some spray adhesive to do a basic cover but then all the edge stuff was hod podge. (2 bottles)

Step 3. Painting. This was literally just me dumping a bunch of acrylic paint into a plastic container and mixing it around to get the colors I wanted. I knew my daughter was going to be covered in red head-to-toe so I chose to paint my building with cool tones for contrast.

Step 4. Windows. Adhesive Foil Tape. Who knew right? I just cut a bunch of random strips and had my army of helpers put them on the buildings.

Again, pretty straight forward but so much fun when it all came together!

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