Paper Towel Roll Butterflies // 52 Crafts with Your Toddler

This week’s craft is paper towel roll butterflies! Things you’ll need:

  1. Paper Towel Roll
  2. A Few Cardboard Boxes
  3. Paint / Brushes
  4. Tape
  5. Scissors
  6. Scrapbooking Wire (Optional)
  7. Glitter (Optional)

52 crafts with your toddler // Butterfly

First thing is to paint the paper towel rolls. We painted one with a lighter green for the stripes and one with a darker green for the base. While those were drying, we painted the inside of the cardboard boxes with pink/red/yellow and glitter.

Back to the paper towel rolls we go. For the bodies, cut the darker green in two. For the stripes, split the roll down from top to bottom and then cut it into strips. I had originally hoped that the stripe strips would just kind of clamp on… not so much. You’ll have to tape those bad boys on.

For the wings, I just free handed the shape and trimmed them out. /insert more tape/ The spots where the same way; trim and go. /insert more tape/

Finally, the antenna. I had some scrapbook wire around so I cut 4 pieces, wrapped them around the end of a paintbrush and taped them to the inside of the roll.

There you have it. Paper towel roll butterflies.

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