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a little something to remember me by.

One of my favorite things about walking through historic downtowns is the idea of walking in the footsteps of great generations past. A period in time I’ve always been fascinated with is the 1920s. Social rebellion, a blossoming government and a great grandmother that weathered it all.

As my grandmother has recently passed and her belongings are still finding new owners, I began to wonder. In a day in age where technology is king, what will our digital footprint mean for future generations?

Facebook accounts are like digital diaries; a little piece of ourselves we offer up to the world. You’re hungry, you’re sleepy, in traffic, links to youtube… it all goes on facebook, chronicling your life. Our children will be able to look through the string of nonsense one day and get a glimpse of who we are and our own journey long before they knew us.

While my great grandmother never had a facebook account, my grandparents do. And even though it’s digital property that technically belongs to facebook, it provides us a way to preserve our legacy. Will user names and passwords one day be willed out to hires? I say yes. I think what we say and do in the digital world will one day be what’s left for the future to remember us by.

One thought on “a little something to remember me by.

  1. I like the idea of something the stores so many “diary entries”, if you will, and facebook currently is doing one outstanding job doing so. In recent past, technologies like facebook had their stride and then vanished. We have never in our time seen anything like facebook but I am curious to see what happens when it’s time has expired. Is the data easily ported over into another system that has taken the throne or is the data at least obtainable by means of some export? For now none of this is an issue, of course and I DO love the FB but I think the time will come eventually.

    Any ways what I am trying to get at is… I saw a presentation a couple years back lead by Vint Cerf where he talked about the topic known as “Bit Rot” that has really interested me. So as far as what our digital footprint will look like in the future… I hope as technologists in a crazy time start to think hard about issues like that.

    Good stuff A Wilks!

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