My Valentine // 52 Crafts with Your Toddler

We gave Valentine’s a bit of a twist this year. Instead of doing a traditional card, we created some V-Day artwork; something to last all year. For this project, you will need:

  1. Water Colors & Water Color Paper
  2. Picture Frame
  3. Chalkboard Spray Paint
  4. Silver (Metallic) Pen
  5. Chalk

My daughter loves to paint so that was the main inspiration for this project. I love abstract art and find her art very inspiring. My trick to a finished looking piece is after she’s done splattering a highlight color on to unify it.

Step 1. Spray paint the frame. I just picked up a couple of cheap $3 frames from Wal-Mart. The frame + the glass for $3 is quite hard to beat.

Step 2. I used the photo insert paper as a template and marked 2 sets of crop marks on a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of water color paper. Also known as a 2-up template. This way my daughter could paint a whole sheet and then I just trimmed the 2 panels out. When she handed the paper to me and said “Pretty!”, I knew she was done. I splattered my highlight color, wrote “love” with the silver ink pen and then splattered silver ink around to now unify the type with the art.

Step 3. Once the frame is dry, bring on the chalk for a bit of detail. To preserve it, you can us hair spray (the perfect substitute to spray fix).

Put it all together and you have a special little work of art. Enjoy!

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