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My Valentine // 52 Crafts with Your Toddler

We gave Valentine’s a bit of a twist this year. Instead of doing a traditional card, we created some V-Day artwork; something to last all year. For this project, you will need:

  1. Water Colors & Water Color Paper
  2. Picture Frame
  3. Chalkboard Spray Paint
  4. Silver (Metallic) Pen
  5. Chalk

My daughter loves to paint so that was the main inspiration for this project. I love abstract art and find her art very inspiring. My trick to a finished looking piece is after she’s done splattering a highlight color on to unify it.

Step 1. Spray paint the frame. I just picked up a couple of cheap $3 frames from Wal-Mart. The frame + the glass for $3 is quite hard to beat.

Step 2. I used the photo insert paper as a template and marked 2 sets of crop marks on a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of water color paper. Also known as a 2-up template. This way my daughter could paint a whole sheet and then I just trimmed the 2 panels out. When she handed the paper to me and said “Pretty!”, I knew she was done. I splattered my highlight color, wrote “love” with the silver ink pen and then splattered silver ink around to now unify the type with the art.

Step 3. Once the frame is dry, bring on the chalk for a bit of detail. To preserve it, you can us hair spray (the perfect substitute to spray fix).

Put it all together and you have a special little work of art. Enjoy!

Super City // 52 Crafts with Your Toddler

This craft accompanies the previous post Super Hero Capes. Part 2 is a Super City. The finale to my daughter’s 3rd birthday was to take pictures of my super heroes; defenders of Metro City. Things you will need:

  1. Cardboard boxes… and lots of them
  2. Printer Paper
  3. Glue (Spray adhesive, Hot glue, Mod Podge)
  4. Paint and Paint Brushes
  5. Foil Tape

Cardboard Box Buildings

I don’t have a lot of process pics for this project because it was very messy but it’s pretty straight forward. Step 1 is to work with your cardboard boxes. I messed around with the stacked boxes to get just the right arrangement of “sky scrappers” and then I hot glued the lot! I even glued all their lids together to give them a little extra strength. (Totally worth it.)

Step 2. Covering our buildings. Hod podge… lots of hod podge. To save time, I actually used some spray adhesive to do a basic cover but then all the edge stuff was hod podge. (2 bottles)

Step 3. Painting. This was literally just me dumping a bunch of acrylic paint into a plastic container and mixing it around to get the colors I wanted. I knew my daughter was going to be covered in red head-to-toe so I chose to paint my building with cool tones for contrast.

Step 4. Windows. Adhesive Foil Tape. Who knew right? I just cut a bunch of random strips and had my army of helpers put them on the buildings.

Again, pretty straight forward but so much fun when it all came together!

Super Hero Capes // 52 Crafts with Your Toddler

Our next set of crafts where 2 parters. My daughter’s 3rd birthday party was a super hero themed art party. Yeah I said ART Party! And part 1 was Super Hero Capes! Things you’ll need:

  1. Felt (Soft and Hard)
  2. Scissors
  3. Elastic string
  4. Glue
  5. Scissors
  6. BLING!

So the soft felt is for the capes themselves while the hard felt is for the masks. The template for the cape is easy to sketch onto the felt and then trim out. Same with letters, badges, lighten bolts, etc. Then just sit back and have the kids arrange all main decorations.

Once they are done you can step in and glue it all together. Then comes the BLING! (My daughter’s favorite part.)

This was the main craft we did for my daughter’s party. We had kids of all ages and everyone had a blast! A must try.

Paper Towel Roll Butterflies // 52 Crafts with Your Toddler

This week’s craft is paper towel roll butterflies! Things you’ll need:

  1. Paper Towel Roll
  2. A Few Cardboard Boxes
  3. Paint / Brushes
  4. Tape
  5. Scissors
  6. Scrapbooking Wire (Optional)
  7. Glitter (Optional)

52 crafts with your toddler // Butterfly

First thing is to paint the paper towel rolls. We painted one with a lighter green for the stripes and one with a darker green for the base. While those were drying, we painted the inside of the cardboard boxes with pink/red/yellow and glitter.

Back to the paper towel rolls we go. For the bodies, cut the darker green in two. For the stripes, split the roll down from top to bottom and then cut it into strips. I had originally hoped that the stripe strips would just kind of clamp on… not so much. You’ll have to tape those bad boys on.

For the wings, I just free handed the shape and trimmed them out. /insert more tape/ The spots where the same way; trim and go. /insert more tape/

Finally, the antenna. I had some scrapbook wire around so I cut 4 pieces, wrapped them around the end of a paintbrush and taped them to the inside of the roll.

There you have it. Paper towel roll butterflies.

Monster Boxes // 52 Crafts with your Toddler

A quick intro for 52 Crafts with Your Toddler… I was looking for a way to spend creative time with my 2 beautiful girls who are budding little artists. So, I figured if we set-up a weekly craft time why not use it as my blog inspiration. Pretty simple.

Now for this week’s craft: Monster Boxes. These were fun and pretty simple. All you need is:

  1. Tissue Boxes
  2. Construction Paper
  3. Paint and Paint Brush
  4. Egg Carton
  5. Tape
  6. Sharpie
  7. Scissors

Crafts with your Toddler - Monster Box

First, I removed the plastic around the mouth of the tissue boxes. Then I armed my 3-year-old with a paint brush. We used acrylic paint from our local craft store. Nothing fancy. While the boxes dried, I cut the “eyes” out of an egg carton and painted them white. The “eyes” I actually left 2 still connected to each other but then I also cut extra single cups to use as stamps for decorating our monsters. The “teeth” were the construction paper. I just cut them out of 1-2″ strips.

Once everything was dry, I taped the teeth inside the box opening and the eyes on top, colored the pupils black and there you go. Monster Boxes! Easy, fast and my daughter had a blast. This project is a definite must!